Visit the Children

The best way to get an understanding of the depth of the problems faced by children in Thailand and Uganda is to see it for yourself. Our photos will give you some idea, but it not until you set foot inside these countries when you really experience the heat, the smells, the discomfort… and despite all that, the sheer heart-swelling joy.

Join our founder Tamara on her annual adventure to visit the children.  You can join the tour in either Thailand or Uganda or come along to both.

Every person who has visited these children has come away changed. This trip is not a ‘holiday’ though you can always extend your trip and stay a little longer. Tamara takes you to the heart of our work. You will sit with the children, get to know them, join in their games, and absolutely melt at their smiles.

You will also spend time with our charity partners and get your hands dirty if there is something that needs doing.  We understand that joining us for such a life-changing trip is a big commitment.  Whether you are just the slightest bit curious, interested to find out more, or super keen, contact us and Tamara will reach out and make a time for a chat over the phone to answer all your questions. Or if you live in Emerald, she would love to buy you a coffee and introduce you to her favourite ice-cream!

To find out more about our next trip to Thailand or Uganda, click here.

Make a difference to children in need
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