Our fabulous volunteer team is made up of people just like you who truly believe that Every Child Matters. Each person in our volunteer family has a part to play and passionately supports the work of Future Hope in helping children in Australia, Thailand, and Uganda.

We often refer to ourselves as a ‘motley crew’ as our volunteers are all ages, different cultures and from all walks of life. We have white collar, blue collar and no collar (retired!). Our team includes primary and high school students, a mines rescue trainer, welder, administrator, cleaner, childcare worker, cabinet maker, and accountant – amongst others.

People often ask if we are a Christian organisation and whilst our values are certainly Christian based, all our volunteers have different beliefs. We have Christians, Buddhists, atheists, those who are into New Age and some fence-sitters. But what is more important is that every single one of us cares deeply for what we do at Future Hope. We are all joined by a common thread – we all believe that Every Child Matters and we want to make a tangible difference to children in need. We also like to laugh and have a lot of fun – and ice-cream!

Make a difference to children in need
-Please join us-

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