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By supporting a child you directly contribute to supporting their dreams. More support = more dreams. Simple!

Variety the Children’s Charity supports kids and their families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with special needs. Like us, they believe that all kids deserve a fair go in life.  

Variety’s work allows kids to gain mobility to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase their self-esteem. Variety makes sure the kids who miss out can always join in by helping with grants, programs, scholarships, and other assistance. 

Regardless of sickness, disadvantage or disability, all kids should be able to live life to the fullest, achieve their dreams and know they are loved and valued.  

Tamara and her husband Mike have been personally supporting Variety – the Children’s Charity since 2011 by fundraising for their annual Jet Trek event. In 2019 they decided to make an even bigger commitment and impact by supporting them through Future Hope.  

If Australia speaks to your heart, please donate towards Future Hope’s entry in this event. 

Learn more about the adrenaline-packed annual Jet Trek here. And if you decide to make a donation towards the amazing work that Variety do, please head to the Future Hope fundraising page here.

 “Mike and Tamara Walker are valued members of our Variety community and have raised many thousands of dollars through their Future Hope charity and involvement in our annual Yamaha Variety Jet Trek event.  Their positive attitudes and drive to give back to their community has helped Variety to work towards a world where ALL kids get a fair go in life and the opportunity to reach their full potential, no matter what challenges may have been thrown their way.”  Steve Wakerley, CEO Variety – the Children’s Charity of Queensland.

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