One of the goals of Future Hope is to be fully supported financially by individuals and businesses. This means we are not reliant on grants or government funding which can come and go and put stress on a charity.  Once this is achieved, it means all costs are covered and 100% of your fundraised money can go directly to the children.  What an amazing place to be as a charity!

Building relationships with our generous supporters is vital to achieving this and to the growth of Future Hope. Some give a little and others give a lot. Every bit adds up and we are grateful to every one of them for their continued support!  Most of these individuals and businesses are in our hometown of Emerald, Queensland, so if you live here please support them as they have big hearts.

A heartfelt thank you to all the individuals and businesses who have become a part of the Future Hope family. We are very grateful!

Make a difference to children in need
-Please join us-

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