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Your support helps fund the work of charities that are already well established and have an incredibly positive impact on the children they care for. Why reinvent the wheel, when these charity partners already have perfectly good wheels turning? Your support helps them continue the great work they so passionately believe in.

Future Hope works hard on nurturing and growing close, strong, and transparent relationships with our charity partners. We have seen first-hand where your funds go and how proud they are of the results they achieve. You will be proud to support them too!

Your generosity helps fund specific projects within the following three charities:

Variety the Children’s Charity

Proudly supporting Variety’s work in Australia with children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live their lives to the fullest.

Lions Club of Udon Thani

Giving ongoing support to children orphaned and affected by AIDS; to help in physical, practical and emotional ways throughout their school years.

Bridge Christian Ministries

Providing a nourishing breakfast for children living in a slum to support them, so instead of scavenging for food, they can concentrate on their studies.

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